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  1. Ive been looking and looking but most of the groups are dead.... can anyone tell me any good active groups. Maybe to meet ppl make friends find out about event conversaitions politics somthing? (Imnot shure if this is were im supposed to post this ..
  2. I've been away for a few month's and now I am so awful lonely. Im 24 female for really ever got tons of PG photos to prove so. Not that it matters to me. I want a nice group of friends yea know! Maybe find myself a ken doll to get all romantic with... Maybe? Always liked the idea of at least trying that part. I wouldn't hurt a fly so no need to be scared.Deff not judgmental so yea . I really don't know were the cool spots are now at days to hang out and what not. Been busy updating my avie shopping seems to have always killed my sl social life. But yea coming guys galls shoot me a line <3
  3. Ok so I have already did a search... went to about hmmm 6 of the sims that came up and well let me just say, I just don't like the tattoo's that are exactly the same on both arms, and not just that I would really just like a tattoo sleeve for ONE arm not both.... IM having a hard time finding a good quality tattoo sleeve that is just for one arm. Just something simple... Not something that comes with other parts of the body inked up.. Im hoping you understand what I am getting at with this and I am also hoping someone can help me :matte-motes-grin: I am willing to pay a good price to! Pretty much into the new school / old school art something for a female to!
  4. Thanks everyone for the suggestions I'll find somthing haha its got to be impossible to NOT find anything in such a big secound world! Pretty amazing it all is.
  5. i sent you a friend request :matte-motes-smile: I myself can totally help you! Feel free to IM me when ever you'd like
  6. Hello! I am fairly new about a month old but I DO at least know what I am doing played sl years ago then lost the password and gave up but anyway back to the subject...:matte-motes-smitten: Just found myself extremely bored on SL right now wandering endlessly ... ´╗┐shopping and more shopping, now im happy with the looks of my avatar and realized I need to make some SL friends! So can anyone tell me where I could go to meet new buddy's?! Or hang out? Im an artsy girl into good music such as indie/rock deftones and brand new etc all kinds of music... any place like that maybe??? I know of beachwood but eh im tired of that place. I am a outgoing female.... just stuck. I know, it probably takes time to build good group of friends. Well let me stop myself before I write a book!
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