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  1. In the museum you will find how it first begin with making of film and what kind of equipment they used! There is also a cinema that show Making of Metropolis, the film from 1927. There is also a Exhibition of film director Fritz Lang of his work during his life time! He direct many American Film Noir films and the Metropolis and other interesting film! You are all Welcome! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ellesmere/86/35/148 Alf K
  2. Alf Korhonen

    October 14 2017, Fritz Lang Exhibition!

    Correction of time for grand opening! It is12PM and not 12AM! I thought 12Am comes after 11AM! Anyway it is lunchtime PDT today and not midnight! The Exhibition of Fritz Lang will be there for awhile! You are all welcome! Alf K
  3. Alf Korhonen

    Stupied Me!

    More then 12 hours have passed and now this morning my time I tried again! It still say it is posted and I can't do it again but it is gone anyway! Never mind and thanks for the reply! Have a nice day Amanda! Alf K
  4. Alf Korhonen

    Stupied Me!

    I was going to put up an event on Event calender! Read all info about it and tried to read all I made before I hit save! I discover that I missed something and want it to edit it, but nothing happens! I missed the timing and I had 10 min and wanted to change it to 3 hours! So after some trying and error to correct it I decided to delete it and do it from start again! Now I got a message I was not allowed to do so cause I already had an event! The event is not there and gone and I can't have! The Event take place today, but nothing to do about! Just stupid me! It was my first event after 10 years in SL! Maybe better luck next time! Alf K
  5. Alf Korhonen

    October 14 2017, Fritz Lang Exhibition!

    Here is the link for the Fritz Lang Exhibition! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ellesmere/77/27/148 Alf K
  6. Saturday 14 October at 12am SLT Grand opening for film director Fritz Lang Exhibition! A small exhibition about Fritz Lang's work in the film industry during his lifetime at my film museum! The LM will be posted on 14 October before the event! Alf K
  7. Thanks for your help! I got it to work now! Alf K
  8. Hi all! I have search the Knowledge base for how to stream YouTube clips in Mp4 format! There is a post mention how to do it and also a link for a page to download a converter! There was a small tool or icon you put in the menu on Firefox web browser and you used that one to copy the clip in Mp4 format! The tutorial is here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Video_Tutorial/Play_YouTube_videos_in_Second_Life I think it is little outdated now and YouTube stop the possibility to download in Mp 4 format! It is little boring then you link to the video to SL and it load up the full page on YouTube and not play the video in full size on the screen! Is there a way to get around the problem so you get the full size video instead of the page from YouTube! Thanks again! Alf k
  9. Alf Korhonen

    Can't rezz Linden Labs default Media Player on my Land!

    Hi Bent! I tried as you say now! I copy it to another folder and then I rezz the copy and that worked! Thank you very much! Problem solved! Alf K
  10. Alf Korhonen

    A question about Event Calender!

    Thank you very much! Alf
  11. Hi all! I have a question to the SL community and people who know things better then me! Better ask before you do something wrong! The thing is like this that I will soon open a small exhibition at my land! I want to announce it for the SL community so I get some visitor! So people can come on the Grand opening but the rules on Event calender say you must have a start and end time for the event! Even if the exhibition continue I can set a time for Grand opening and welcome people between SL 12am to 3pm. Can I do that without breaking any rules? Thanks! Alf
  12. Alf Korhonen

    Can't rezz Linden Labs default Media Player on my Land!

    Hi Cindy! I am also confused but thanks again for your help! I have other movie screen to use so I keep running them instead! Have a nice day! End of story now! Alf
  13. Alf Korhonen

    Can't rezz Linden Labs default Media Player on my Land!

    Today I tried it again and same result again! Can't rezz it at my home! Other objects and things I can rezz without any problem! Now I don't bother any more cause I don't need it! I just wanted to check how it works after I read some info about it! Thanks anyway! Alf
  14. Alf Korhonen

    Can't rezz Linden Labs default Media Player on my Land!

    Thanks for the info! Maybe it will work tomorrow! Alf
  15. Alf Korhonen

    Can't rezz Linden Labs default Media Player on my Land!

    This is very odd Cindy! I went to a sandbox and no problem to rezz there! I get home and tried again and it did not work. Then I tried to rezz a horse wagon with 23 land impact and no problems! Alf