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  1. So basically I am trying to set up a controller here. If I don't push the move joystick over all the way it seems to function "OK" still a bit jittery. But if I move it all the way over, I can not turn my avatar unless I stop/slow down. Is there anyway to configure this so I can run and look at the same time?
  2. Hello, so as the title says, when someones avatar is a certain distance from me their avatar begins to look like it's in fast forward. I don't get this issue with the firestorm viewer. Anyone have any solutions?
  3. Ok, I found the issue, instead of making a new thread hopefully someone can help me. The UV map is what's causing the issue. When the Mesh is rezzed in world it lines up just fine, but when I wear the unrigged mesh, the UV map doesn't line up with the mesh. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Yeah I definitely don't want to rig it. I assumed that was the issue too, doesnt make sense why it looks normal rezzed in world but not when worn. ILl try to flip the normals again and see how it looks though
  5. Hey everyone, I have been working on a mesh ring and I am having a small issue. When I rez the ring on the floor it looks normal, but when I attatch it, it looks like it's missing faces? This is for a static unrigged mesh. Now when I rig the mesh in blender, and then upload it and wear it, it looks normal. Is there something I am doing wrong? How can I upload the ring as a static mesh , and have it look the same when worn and rezzed in world? (pics below, not sure how to use the image feature on here so sorry for the multiple posts.)
  6. Hello all, I am fairly new to dcriptin and am modifying a vehicle script. The script doesnt make the wheels spin when moving forward or backward. Can anyone assist me in doing this? I know I need to use link message to communicate between prims but am not dure exactly how.
  7. Yeah i've been looking at that, and once I get some spare cash I think i'll definitely have to pick that up. One last question and I think I am set. Do Armatures and Mesh have to be parented in the T pose? Is there a way for me to pose the armature, and get it to look the same in edit mode, then parent it that way? So far if I pose the armature in pose mode, it just reverts to the T pose in blender.
  8. After messing around for a bit, I found out I messed up somewhere when I rigged it and the armature was what was giving me that error. I rigged it again and got it lol. Another question so I dont have to make another topic. After I make say a mesh shirt, and rig it and everything. How do I resize it so I can make multiple sizes. I tried to just scale the whole thing (Armature and all) And it came out the same size when I uploaded it into SL.
  9. Hello all, I just tried uploading my mesh from blender into SL and it's saying it exceeds the 64m scale. But it;s not the large in blender? Must be doing something wrong, any help woulkd be great!
  10. So I am very very new to mesh. I am trying rigging out. The method I used is laid out here http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/tutorials/80156-rigging-models-blender-2-64-a.html When I right click the mesh, right click the armature. Use ctrl + P to parent them with armature deform the mesh kind of deforms a bit. It kind of sticks to the armature. So say my mesh has shoulder pads, the should pads kind of slump down onto the armature. Is there a way to make it so when I parent the mesh,it leaves the mesh as is and just moves with the armature like that?
  11. Hello all, I am new to poser and am having some issues with the keyframe animations. I'll try my best to explain it....but an example of what i'm used to...in Qavimator , I could start a pose in from 1, hit the keyframe button, then jump to 15 make another pose and there would be a smooth transition to the poses. I am not getting that in poser. I do the same thing, keyframe in one frame, then move to another and it's not as smooth. THere are some odd movements in between, for example I am trying to animate someone picking a person up on ther shoulders, the first person animates fine, but when I animate the second one, he moves some before he is supposed to. SO say I have the second figure being lifted up between frames 10 and 15, the figure does some off movements like sinking into the ground some, or legs moving before they are supposed to. Hopefully i made that easy to understand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Looking at the sim, yes it looks like it is a RC magnum sim. But based off that URL you gave me they did the updates last wed on the 23rd? Unless I am reading it wrong.
  13. Hello everyone, I am having some weird issues here and I am not sure how or what to do to fix it. I am having issues rezzing in avatars...it either takes forever or just doesn't happen at all. When avatars teleport in, I normally rez them instantly or very quick, but I just can't load avatars that are already in the sim? My bandwith and sim ping is fine, I am getting 0 packet loss, I have tried the whole change your groups around, I've messed with my settings and still nothing. Any help here at all would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hey everyone, looking for someone to create a uniform template for an inworld football team. (Colors and design will be that of the philidelphia eagles.) Send me a message here or in world if you can help out.
  15. Hello everyone, the Soaring Eagles from the VIFL (Virtual Ironman Football League) is recruiting for it's team. VIFL is an 8v8 American Football simulation , where yes, you do actually play football. We are recruiting those experienced and new. Some form of gaming experience is reccomended , but not required. If interested please contact RayRobert Resident in world.
  16. Hey everyone. Looking for 1/4 simnto put a football field on. The most I would have on the land would be about 20 people. So it has to be good with lag ( lag free) contact me here or in world please.
  17. I am using singularity but can switch viewers if really needed. BUt basically I need to be able to see the interface, more importantly the SL voice bar. Where it shows my green bars at the bottom right when I am talking. Is it possible to do this?
  18. Hey everyone for as long as I can remember I have been having some wierd lag with SL voice. And it happens with multiple viewers. Basically, I will talk, and it doesnt show me talking for like 1 - 3 seconds later. IS there a fix for this? Not sure exactly what the issue is. I don't have a router or anything I am wired right to my modem. Cable internet so that shouldnt be an issue.
  19. Hello everyone, I am searching for a scripter to create a combat system for me. The Combat system is pretty complicated (Not sure about that exactly since I am not a scripter). Contact me in world for more details so we can try and get a quote on it, or let me know if it's even possible lol.
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