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  1. If you want to go thru some checks try and catch me in world. this is a common issue and easily resolved Brett
  2. I think your right Berry that generally people will have more inworld friends of the a different gender than their own but then a lot there depends where you hang out and by the signals you give out and how you behave. If you are seen in a sim that is sexually orientated on a regular basis interacting with avys of the opposit sex then your going to be percieved as being sexually motivated. I have many male friends in SL who I share common interests with. It might be sport or just the fact were in the same geographical area. There are a hard core of perhaps 20 of us. Were a mixed bunch that ju
  3. I think a lot of unfair assumptions are made of married men or men in real life relationships and have second life relationships. Noperson engages in an online relationship unless there is something missing from the real life marriage or there is a desire that is not being met. Marriages and relationships can become stale and sometimes embarking on an online relationship can actually save the real life one by allowing that person the freedom to explore areas of sexual behavior or practices that their real life partner would constitute as perverse or at the very least something they don't enj
  4. I have been in SL almost 6 years ...My UK debit card is valid and there are sufficient funds plus some in there ...I go to buy lindens and all goes well until I try to confirm.....Then Nothing!!!! Cant shop cant pay tier charges --- Nightmare !!!!!! id=30402038 $ 4.35 Sub Total $ 4.35The above being the latest attempt .........to buy just 1000L ...
  5. I would simply type Medieval in search ...There are quite a few RP sims of a similar kind. Some Adult and a couple PG
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