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  1. I posted a question yesterday about nearby avatars being one colour. Where do I find the answer?
  2. For the last two nights some avatars around me have been all one colour whilst others appear normally, why is this? Never seen this in over six years in SL
  3. Recently some avatars have started to appear all one colour, whilst others appear normally. I have uninstalled and re installed the standard SL viewer twice now but the issue remains. Can anyone please advise? When i switch from the standard viewer to Firestorm the problem does not arise which would seem to suggest that it is not a graphic card issue. Any ideas anyone?
  4. ok thanks Karen. Just wanted to check this out as I have never seen this before in over four years of being in SL
  5. Thanks Maddy. Just to clarify, is my email address in the "To" field visible to the sender at any time? I just wanted to check this out as I have never seen my email address appear next to my avatar name in over four years in SL. I just want to make sure that any avatar, friend or otherwise cannot see my email address unless I choose to send it to them
  6. I am rather concerned that my private email address has started appearing in brackets next to my avatar name when I receive copies of inworld messages (IMs) to my private email inbox, how can I stop this?
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