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  1. LunaEnigma

    Lost account

    But it seems they take the fake TOS reports seriously. Hardly seems fair, does it? All you gotta do if you don't like someone or get mad at them is get a few friends to trash them to LL?
  2. LunaEnigma

    Lost account

    What can a person do if their account has been removed due to a bunch of bogus reports against them? There is a man on SL who I have known here for many years. He used to host a build contest and is a thoroughly decent, good guy. I just learned he has been banned and his account removed. The only reason given, multiple TOS violations. The only explanation he can come up with for this is that someone has it in for him, a stupid petty matter of jealousy regarding the person he was partnered with on SL. So, if this jealous, petty person enlisted the help of friends to submit false TOS reports aga
  3. I am getting the same message but just with one name. My alt signed on.
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