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    thank you so much for the answer and yes everyone did leave the group but like you say maybe it takes some time thank you thank you
  2. broncocas


    thank you so much for your answer
  3. broncocas


    hello sorry for my English i made a group for my land but now i want to remove or delete the group how can i do that thank for answers
  4. thank you for your answer Rown thank you
  5. thank you so much for your answer Rolig thank you
  6. hello its me againd and sorry for my Engish i have a homestead i rent from a estate a friend bought land from lindens it is not far away from each other,we want to connect our sims with a tunnel is there a way we can do that, maybe if we have to pay for it we wil or can one of the lindens or mole build it thank you all by advances i dont know if the land around my sim own by lindens or a estate
  7. broncocas

    about land

    thank you Rowan and Qie for answer my qustion
  8. broncocas

    about land

    hello sorry for my English,i am thinking about to rent a second homestead and want to put it next to the one i already have i read somewhere it wil cost 25.000 linden and i will have 10.000.prims togheter not 5000 seperate where can i found more information thank you by advanced thank you
  9. broncocas

    my partner

    hello sorry for my English.I rented our sim for almost 10years.My partner past away 15 of july 2017 we bought everything togheter but because she was the smart one and the builder its all on her name like the house furniture and so on.Now i am wondering is there a way i can get the stuff on the sim on my name Thank you for your answers
  10. broncocas

    lindens home

    sorry for my English i have a new beautiful piece of land at belmere wit a nice log home overlook v 1.32 is it possible to change the log home into a log home grand view v 1.31 on the same parcel thank you thank you in advance
  11. hello what have i done (first sorry for my english) i opened my people/friends and i click on toggle global online status visibility.Since then when i log in i always get the message,due to server mass toggling online status usibility can take a while to become effective please be patient.How can i make this undone Thank you for your answer
  12. broncocas

    ao and tp

    hello sorry i already ask about my double messages i get in local chat but now its getting worse since yesterday 05/08 i cant tp anymore my ao dont work and people its dancing but on my screen the stand still thank you so much for answering
  13. hello its almost two days i get the messages in local chat double,also in notification, group i get them double.And when i write in im its show up twice what i wrote thank you for answering
  14. how come my sl viewer dont work enymore in the last two weeks my ava dont rezz and if he rezz i cant tp enyore
  15. how can i paid membership in euro or its only in dollars
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