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  1. Thank you. I'm listening to everyone, and I appreciate the comments. Dana, you're right about the lazy part, your letter teaches me a lot. I'm thankful to all of you for being frank and candid. ......As for real life, the funny thing is, I would rather NOT see any of their pictures because it has always destroyed the mental imagery that SL creates. And I really don't want to know anything about their lives. I don't care what they ate for dinner, or how drunk they got last weekend, or what cars they drive.... if I wanted to know things like that, I'd be on facebook like all my real life friends are, constantly broadcasting their daily activities and grievances to the world. .........If and when I decide to get involved again, {after a loooong break} I'll go and create an alt and I'll stand firm about the no-RL-at-all-ever rule. .......What I was hoping for in writing was to talk to other subs and see if any of them had similar issues, because I was under the impression that some sort of Identification was pretty much a requirement if one wanted to find a serious RP partner. Thanks, Auntumn
  2. true enough, Jenni. ... But I think this may also be an excuse on their part- to see you online and try to get you to talk to them. Constant verification and reassurance that you are "real"\. And I have heard every excuse you can think of from men trying to get video, photos, voice. It's just time to stop trying and refocus on what SL actually is to me; a fun escape. Thanks, Autumn
  3. Thank you, Angel. I appreciate your advice. ... Lesson learned. :matte-motes-confused: Autumn
  4. Krystal, I'm hearing what they are saying, but I'd really like to hear from a sub who plays in the BDSM community. I realize the responders are being hyper critical, but I did put my issue out there in a public forum. My real trouble stems from my wanting the person I am communicating with to understand I am a real person, really a woman (because so many men are paranoid that they are interacting with a man pretending to be a woman that many of them won't continue until they can verify who they are dealing with, and I understand that and respect this.... The problem is, closing that door after it's been opened.) In the future my profile is going to clearly state that I am not into voice (it hurts my ears after 5 minutes) or photos or blending my RL into SL, -but right now, I'm not even looking. Just being free of my recent hassle feels so good, I am reluctant to even try to find a BDSM community in SL. But wherever I now travel in SL, I'm going to clearly state that I'm in SL to escape RL, not to bring anyone from SL into my RL, at all- not even as friends. When I am inworld next, I will clearly state this in my 1st life tab of profile. Thank you for your response, Autumn
  5. I can't find people who seem able to keep SL and RL apart. In my real life I am happily married, a mother, and a full time student with a part time job and a few cool hobbies. I'm happy. I love SL because it allows me to dream and explore and I thought I enjoyed it because I could explore my submissive side (And before any of you judge me, know that my RL husband is aware of my SL submissive life. We have the agreement that as long as it stays in the computer, and does not carry into RL, we are both ok with it.) The problem is, few of the men I have met are ok with butting the EFF out of my RL. I understand wanting to verify that I am really a woman and not just a man pretending to be a woman. I'm ok with that.... But that isn't enough. They want to be on the phone all the time, harass me for more and more pictures, want to know the intimate details of my private life, like how often I m*st*r*b*t*, how often I have sex with my RL husband, how we did it, where we did it, etc ad nauseum, and I feel like I am being perved. It does not feel like submission, it sounds like he's getting off on my real life. If I wanted to be on the phone, or in skype or dwell in my real life, why would I be in SL? After all, I am not a REAL slave anymore than I am a REAL pirate when I battle in SL. Which isn't to say I'm a woman looking to draw the line between my SL and my RL and keep the two firmly separated. So, .... I am not submitting to anyone. I'm just going to frolic about and play where I want to, and forget trying to find a Dominant Male in SL at this time. Because I just escaped another perv (the third one) and I've had an epiphany that being free feels so much better than feeling perved.
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