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  1. Hello everybody, I'm an user of SL for 4 years. I need your counsels. But since my best friend's death, this year, I became increasingly alone and lonely. My best friend was the one who always talked with me and gave me counsels. We had never sex or never kissed. It was our pure friendship. We were going to commemorate 4th year of friendship. Since then, I don't find a smilar "best friend". The "best friend" is that who never has sex or kisses with me, always gives me counsels, encourages me and helps me, but also always talks with me. Of course I have friends in my list, but not many. But I don't consider them "friends", so they don't talk with me and forget me. When I always talk with everybody, nobody answers me or everybody says they're busy with sex. So I can't disturb them. I don't have anyone to talk with me. I feel very lonely. I don't want to make new friends, so they're interested only in sex. When I talk with new friends, they're always busy with sex and don't answer me. When I log in everytime, I see nobody answers me and early I log out. Since it happened, I stopped logging in SL for some weeks. SL becomes increasingly worse and useless for me when it becomes well-known for virtual sex. Before, it was the best for making friendship with the foreigners and learning the cultures and the languages. Good time of SL is gone. Should I close my SL account or keep it alive, without logging in and switch to other games?
  2. Hello everybody, I was making shopping at Marketplace Second Life. I found very weird and strange real images and pictures. the sellers are selling the bestiality (sex among animals and women/men) real pictures. I want to know if the bestiality violates the Second Life Marketplace's rules. Does it? I know that in-world SL, they're making beastiality. Thank you!
  3. TristanMercer wrote: I personally have been to the RMS TItanic and never had a problem and I am gay. Frank's Jazz Club is open to everyone. Again, another place I have been with nothing said to me. Check with the hostess to be on the safe side. Many will tell you to message them if you receive disparaging remarks. Hello Tristan, it has been many months ago, three gay couples have been ejected from the Titanic by the owner for dancing and kissing, but as you've said, maybe because many gays have gone to there and protested, the owner has changed the attitud and became tolerant.
  4. Hello Perrie, Perrie Juran wrote: I will have to say that I rarely see male couples dancing at these clubs. Are you actually seeing or recieving disparaging comments? If so I'd sure let the Club Mgt know. No, I didn't, but as I've said you, I was unsafe and afraid. Last party, we've been to a jazz party at Titanic ship, the owner has ejected and banned the gay and lesbians couples from the land and has said the LGBTs aren't welcome to her land. Thank you, Griffin, for your answer, i'll check that club.
  5. Hello, people, I've been to many jazz dance clubs, but there are only straight couples there, and I was in the last club now, the which I found only a couple of lesbians, but I was afraid and unsafe of homophobic harassment and attacks in this club, so the straight people, as specially the men, think the lesbian couples aren't a problem, but the male couples are. I'm looking for an elegant jazz club which is gay-friendly and forbids the harassment and makes me comfortable and safe. Thank you! jazz, gay, gay-friendly, club, elegant, tux, suit
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