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  1. Luke i messaged you, it looks you are 2 weeks old. i would be happy to take you shopping and dress your av up and stuff. I messaged you.
  2. I realize that SL wasnt made for a mac computer but i cant really change that now can i? I have been using the official viewer sicne firestorm wont run shadows for me but the official viewers do. but my one question that i have is why when i turn on shadows, textures dont stay sharp they blur out and then in and they come back and come on . its really annoying when trying to take photography pictures for a blog. I dont understand why textures dont stay loaded.
  3. I have been on sl for along time. I have had a lot of really bad expierences with people on sl being fake, and pubilically humiliating me on plurk and other things. I am just looking for a good friend and possibly more. I am really busy in world i just want someone i can spend some time with perhaps a friend or maybe more . (seeking male only for the more part)
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