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  1. The store has now been closed,but I'm glad i took the brunt of your jokes..proves what kind of people I'm dealing with here in the forum and why I never come here . For those that actually respond with info..thank you. PS.my linden was also returned and the owner banned.
  2. Yes I did rez the box.. it was empty, as far as buying it for less..well the MP often over inflates the retail prices on gacha items, they are sold for much less in world. I do agree with you that most gacha resellers have more than 1 item..but..when I first opened my store..guess what? I had 3..that was 2012, we all start somewhere. The creators full heads are that much because they have a lot more features, hence why these are in gacha machines and not for sale in the creators MP store. I could go on and on.. I've been in the game a while now but having " three copies of the same rare gacha item in the same store is something of a warning sign" isn't in the resale world.
  3. I removed it..but posting the name is kinda the purpose of the post.
  4. How does one go about doing this? The seller is selling empty boxes and thats not actually one of the choices from the drop down. Ive flagged the item..but why is there no comment section? Invoice # 1447607817 Ordered on June 03, 2017 Order Status: Delivered Description Item IDs Unit Price Qty Total: 01 Genesis_Head_Flor_3.2 Bento RARE Sold by ####### Visit The StoreReview Product 314724820 L$1,100 1 L$1,100 1 item has been delivered Item(s) will be delivered to the Received Items folder. Total: L$1,100 I purchased this and received an empty box.
  5. lots available now in this very photogenic sim..grab yours today! http://ipposcollective.com/rentals/rentals/
  6. wow..really? your first post and you are flaming someone that has been actually giving out info and trying to keep the convo lighthearted...nice
  7. OMG..it's a SL Zombie apocalypse!
  8. ahh ok..thanks!...and just when i was about to point the finger at you blaming you for all this!
  9. I cannot loging to either grid..on the beta it says my password is incorrect lol
  10. isnt that the goal in SL?..grins..
  11. she already took all the knifes
  12. It's the lemming's I tell ya!..great now im actually going to have to talk to my wife today.
  13. Homes for rent on a unique fully landscaped sim. Nature abounds here, From the wooded paths to the lakes,ponds and yes..even a beach to enjoy everything has been done for you and your loved ones to stop..and relax. Each home gets a prim allowance of 700 prim At 3L per prim for a total of 2100L weekly for an opportunity that wont come up often. Reply here or im me inworld for further details....theres alot of them. edited..i suppose you might want to come look around...opps. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LennonParkOnTheRock/132/29/29
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