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  1. im using a router and when i switched to viewer 2.8 it worked again Thank you all anyway ^ _ ^
  2. Thanks you guys I just found out how to get my self from being a cloud/ruthed so i look kinda rough Thank you loves !
  3. Thanks Hun..Mayve while im there ill even get some items
  4. Like To Acept Boxes and all I used to do this at a hair shop months ago but now they changed it And i went to sandboxes and its a bunch of wild stuff going on there.. So any help Please and thank you
  5. Interesting im not japanese or anything But i do love their culture keep me updated ! Oh and just use some japanese terms to search you know Put in the key word ''japanese
  6. Thanks for relpying (is very grateful for people like you guys) People tell me that TPV's are better than the regular one Now ik Oh and btw i dont use different viewers i used to use V.2.8 until the next version came out and messed me up then had to wait for months but that didnt help atleast thats what i think i dont touch the account i used to get on back then And what is manually clearing a cache ? is it on the viewer or in your files ?
  7. i Used to have that months ago after i downloaded the next one after it started giving me problems Can i have a link to that ? Or where i can find it ?
  8. Thanks for the reply How can i do anything of thoose steps I never really had a problem like this except the egg shaped white ball problem that happened to me months ago So if anyone of you could answer that i would really be grateful of that ^ _ ^
  9. Ok this is one of my alt accounts im using this one as a main and the other as my finical account But anyway when i logged into firestorm yesterday i appeared as a white egg shaped ball waited them i turnt invisible Then ALL BLACK then invisible then it just turns black and says that way even however you wait... The reason i downloaded firestorm in the first place is so that this wouldnt happen but it did (sigh) Anyone know how to fix this ?
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