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  1. Every time i atemp to logg in to second life I get this same message, http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/526202_334441273280043_100001425188771_935144_2074815731_n.jpg some times with the sim I was trying to load half rezzed, others just black like in the image, I have tried a number of things reinstalling, clearing cache and tried to log in a number of difrent sims. Thank you for your time.
  2. Recently my main email account WAs removed by windows becausese of the mass of spam I WAs getting and not deleting or directing to my junk folder, I have bean unable to get my email back and it had my pass word for secondlife on. I generally choose not to know my pass word and keep it in my email so I'm not at risk of blabbing it out. i really dont know what to do now I don't want to lose this secondlife account as I have so much on it already , friends , cloths , a good avatar that has taken for ever for me to get how I like. ______________________________________________________________ thank you Chelsea ^.^ o.o I dont know why but my emails from secondlif have already bean directed to my new account, but all I changed on the end was @hotmail.co.uk to LIVE.co.uk
  3. when ever i atempt to log in i get a message saying the fallowing " Login failed, The inventory system is currently unavailable." can any one tell me how to fix this i loged in and out and restarted y computer but no joy so far how do i find the blog thank you :smileyhappy: lets hope its fixed soon ^.^
  4. I have went to Oxbridge often and with in the past few hours i have bean unable to enter Oxbridge getting up the message saying i can not enter that sim because of a muturety rating when the sim is a G rated sim and is one of the few only sims i do enter often. http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/409014_272949602762544_100001425188771_765665_1363042316_n.jpg
  5. I belive that poeple of my age are cable of being in moderate sims also with the large mogority of sims being moderate i think it is hard to maintain a balence secound life with meny of my secound life friends. though i am not sure of this i also think it is the default setting for sims meaning meny sims what would generally but aloud to be in the general rating are being put in to the moderate lessening the amount of places poeple under aged can not enter. i understand that alowing people under the age of may be 15 would not be truely a grate idear as not every one wishes to put up with children though i blive poeple who are ageing towards the later teen years would be cable of being with in the moderate sims. thank you for you time.
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