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  1. Hey everyone, Does anyone know how to withdraw group funds? I am disbanding a group and would like to take back the funds held by that group! Thanks in advance, Connor
  2. Edit *** All parcels now taken - thanks for looking! ***
  3. Hey Dresden, That's certainly an interesting lead - thanks!
  4. So would I just create a whole new avater? If so, how do I then get the scripts into it? Cofused! lol --||-
  5. Hey everyone, A while back I visited a sim where they had a greeter, which was so lifelike I actually mistook it for a real Avi. I'd love to get one of these for my development, does anyone know what the best lifelike humanoid greeters are? Any links to the Marketplace would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Connor
  6. PS I forgot to ask, is there a height that is oficiallly classed as space?
  7. Hey everybody, I'm building s sky platform at present, and have decided I want to go as high as I can, and make it a space orbiter. At present I am up to about 3000m, and it's just white all around. What I am wondering is, if I were to keep on going, would I actually reach space? And what does SL space look like? Dark? lol I know there are lots of space sims around so I guess there must be something up there? Or am I on a ost cause? Thanks in advance! Connor
  8. Hey everyone, I am available for all building work - you name it, I can build it! Homes, shops, clubs - give me an idea and I will come up with a solution, that will not break your prim-bank! I have been building in SL since 2006, and know exactly how to produce the highest quality buildings with the fewest amounts of prims - the only limit to what we can achieve together is your imagination! IM me today for a free, no-obligation quote. If you decide to proceed, 50% of total price will need to be paid before I can begin work. Look forward to hearing from you, and building the place of your dreams! Connor James Hammond ;)
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