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  1. haha no no no¡¡¡ the evidence of commitments, for example in what year was your first boyfriend parnert (that's what I mean). I was talking about my friend that she asked me one day- "Do you know where I could get the love story from my account?" -
  2. omg¡ I have nothing to fear anymore, since my 7 years in SL .. twice I was "lady" haha
  3. I mean a personal history, an old friend had many problems with this issue of partners. She was unfairly accused of being a light girl and thought that perhaps to defend her honor a partner history would be a strong test for those people who They judged ... you already know what life is like. His story is a mess, but personally, everyone knows what he does
  4. Lol¡ Fortunately I married twice and never forget that ..bad bad idea
  5. a good idea would be to have a history of all the partners that one has had. ¿Or maybe not ?
  6. Lol¡¡ I have one and I love it! It would have been the best version of me when I was little.
  7. I do not know, but I've seen many people who use baby avatar, and I think they enjoy using them, most baby avatars are very cute, but the quality of them goes in who controls them.
  8. There are people who think the following: "the avatars of babies are only for sick people". Actually I do not see it that way
  9. karyperez26

    history topic

    Is there any way to obtain the partner's history during the stay in second life?
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