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  1. ive been in sl for 13 years and every high class club i try to work at i get bullied or my name gets ran through club owners united groups so i cant work in sl is there a way to get that group closed down and ip bann every club owner in it so the bullying will stop ?
  2. how long does it take for the lindens i sold to turn into rl money and tje money to be put in my paypal?
  3. i have this person that has been griefing me for a month now and ive maid ar reports and everything i cant even work in sl or they go there as well and get me fired im tired of it ive told alot of ppl i will leave sl if it dont stop how can i get this person banned?
  4. i rented land from this lady reality moller she took my land with out asking me and talkedto my x saying she gave me my money i have not recived them at all my land is up for sale now and i think she muted me bc of my x should i report her for linden fraud or should i call linden labs to get my 8k back it said whan i moved into her land that with in 3 weeks to let her know that u want a refund and iming her asking her for it and beeing muted for no reson even know i didnt do anything i should at least get my money back.
  5. ok i have the issue is hes going around to every one i partner to break us up and everything hes telling ppl hes gonna get me banned and some how my acount became a linden but dont show. i know some lindens play in world but on alts or other avis's and im getting pretty sick of this dude threaning my hubby and stuff so idk if i should tell a linden to bann him or should i just keep reporting him for them to deal with it?
  6. how come i cant log into firestorm now is there something going on with that viewer or is sl doing a check on something wat is going on any one know?
  7. i have a sister that was collard by a mean mistress and is brain washing her how do i get her to uncollar her and get her back to her self? the mistress has her ims and tps blocked and she maid her mute her whole family idk if i should bring lindens in and have her taken care of or wat?
  8. LL took over ur sim from the person u were renting from. either they didnt pay it or they lost it some how or they got banned from sl and LL took it over that way i would im ur land lord and ask make sure u take everything on ur land just incase they did close it
  9. sookie i know were ur coming from my x is a sexoffender and trying to meet pplz on sl with kids to live with them in rl all u do is report him to linden labs. and make sure u have the info staying hes 50 and a teen and they should ip bann him right there and then
  10. since its not me can they get banned or ip banned and how long does it take for them to be banned off sl? bc they imed me with the sn that was on there is why im asking
  11. can some one get ip banned from copy boting my name and how do i get them in trouble for it? can they get banned for it at all u know of
  12. i know some one thats a sex offender on sl and i reported him to the cops. but he has a child avi. and sl has to do with kids do u think thats even breaking the law to?
  13. i need a linden to im me in in world plz i need a club shut down and the owner banned from sl.
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