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  1. so the other day i was flipping through channels and on the OWN channel they had a documentary about SL and while browsing through Youtube they also had another one called "Ideal World" however i only saw the trailer and sadly the whole movie isnt posted so can someone tell me where i can find "Ideal World" and/or any other SL documentaries? thank you very much! :)
  2. Hello can someone please give me a full step-by-step guide on how to own land and houses? i went to the wiki and im still a little bit confused but if you can give me some tips, what are some good prices, etc. I would really appreciate it! :D Thank You very much for all of your help! :)
  3. to me second life is very confusing and basically the only thing i know how to do is move lol so could someone give me a guide on everything that is involved with SL building, texturing, animation, custimization, owning land, etc whatever you got please. PLEASE try to make them step-by-step or videos would be good (i love torley!) but somehow its still kinda confusing and i wanna say one last thing...THANK YOU after all of the game communities ive been in this is the most active and helpful ty so much for all that you've done for me i couldn't be happier! sorry for asking so many questions its just when i play a game i wanna know everything about it! THANKS AGAIN! :D
  4. know where i can find stuff like posters, pins, fingurines, etc. ?
  5. i have a question could i go deeper into filtering locations in SL because even in General rated places theres still some ahem "nastyness" i mean its not fully out there but theres some posters that just barely covers up the pictures and avatars and i im only allowed to go to G rated places
  6. Hello one problem i always had with second life is the amount of lag it has could someone please tell me the system requirements and the solution to my problem? ty :)
  7. hello im new to SL and i always wanted to know how do i own a house? now i dont wanna buy the ones linden offers i want to make mine from scratch but how? do i NEED to buy land or can i go anywhere that allows me to build and just build my house there and if i do need to buy land how? im sorry but im confused if anyone knows how to do this and could gime a guide i would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks :)
  8. Hello im new to second life and i was wondering on how to completely change my avatar the one i started of as was a robot and then it switched to a male called "boy nextdoor" and it looks...bleh. Any ways i wanna know how i can completely change me apperance yes i know about the "change appearance option" but that only changes the color of my clothes and shap of my body is there a place i could buy eyes, hair, clothes for free? can someone give me a guide to shaping my avatar exactly how i want it? thank you! :)
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