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  1. It lives, something must not be ping/ponging somewhere, hardest boss ever lol
  2. i recall when it was the easiest thing ever to contact a Linden, is there any way to directly contact them, quickly and effectively reguarging Grid and viewer security issues and concerns (note that third party viewers are NOT having their code turned over by LindenLab and examinded before allowing them to connect to SecondLife, and any site can host a fake/melisious viewer, frauding viewer, from the way it looks that only the viewer AND it's make and model can connect, anything that can be created can connect)? i can't believe i have to even stop mesh development to ask this question, but the
  3. reason for this request, can cut down on theft of content via copybots, inventory download hacks and so on, as a RL comany part owner i find it appauling to finally meet someone i have not seen in years and hear that someone was just stealing content from everyone and got caught, why do you (LL) unauthenticate your viewers? for all i know the to friends could have been botting me just now secure the "open sorce" connection with the exception that users can create and send in their viewers to be "authenticated" by LL for use in SL and thus support the open sorse development,
  4. same thing here, best bet is to log in under a differant sim name, you do not know any by hand, search the LL map on site for a suitable location, this fixed it for me, although i hope the appartment will be open to port soon, got work in progress there, have not checked but possible rolling restarts i am guessing
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