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  1. Did somebody noticed that SL is going backwards? - Rezz time takes longer - Log-in time takes longer - Need a super computer to use SL (if you want to see some good stuff) - The building menu is getting weirder - The extra's in the Preference's menu's and other menu's are tomuch of the good stuff - Mesh (People like it, or people hate it) - The loading of people takes longer - Voice chat does not always work - Prices are to high for the people without a SL job or good selling shop (like me) - People are getting more and more un-friendly What is abouth all this stuff? SL is in the world for an escape from the real hard world. But the real hard world is getting easier to understand than SL.
  2. I was making a deal with somone abouth a real life item trade for som items in SL WHY THE ... DID SECONDLIFE CRASH AT THAT MOMENT AND HE JUST WENT OF!?????
  3. I see people lag walking and crash more then normal. even me... I crash like 2-5times a day! and on a bit popular sim's like raglan or stuff, you lag like hell! Even when you got a realy awesome computer! Secondlife!? please do somthing abouth this!? :matte-motes-impatient:
  4. Hi, When I log into Second Life nothing rezzes properly, object and people keep grey When i type in game i lag too...
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