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  1. Well, i did as some of you suggested,but i still have problem. I use Singularity viewer and it has a tool for counting scripts on my avi. I wore pants that contain 166 scripts in them . So i run the mouse over my avi, and yes the pointer turned to "hand" i right clicked on my pants, but, there was no drop down blue box... I use Singularity viewer, so when i right clicked there was a circle with options like Touch, Drop, Profile, Edit, Detach etc...so i chose the edit menu, went into Content Tab and there was a folder named Content and in i guess were the scripts so i deleted those...But it turned out that they're still here, i used the script count tool and i still have 166 scripts on. I got a script scrubber from the SL market, it was free, but when i drag that script into my clothes folder notnig happens I know i am doing something the wrong way, but i have no idea how to get rid of these scripts :matte-motes-not-even:
  2. That will be awsome, i am onlie most of the time so look me up inworld, i'll be happy to have that script
  3. Thank you for taking the tme to respond Your advices are much appreciated and very helpful.
  4. Thanks for the fast response I will try to delete the scripts as you suggested. If i got it right - all i need to do, is run the mouse over the parts of my avi- clothes hair etc, see if the hand appears, drop down that object and delete the scripts. I don't need to make a copy of the object i'm deleting scripts from?
  5. Hello, i am new to SL, and i am still getting familiar with the game. I was reading a lot about lag issues, and that i can contribute in reducing lag by deleting/reducing scripts on my avi. However i don't know how to do that, i've googled and didn't find the answer. I am not experienced yet, as i said i started playing recently, so i would ask the more experienced players to describe me step by step the process for reducing/deleting scripts on my avi. I really don't want to delete or ruin anything :) So, please if you have time help me with this one. I use Singularity Viewer and i've only managed to count the scripts on my avi - total of 211 . Thanks
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