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    Draw Distance?

    Hi Technical :smileysad: I am having a problem with my Draw Distance Setting . Meaning if I don't keep it below 28 max. ! , I can not function in MOST places. I am not sure how to correct this so I can enjoy a view and function , within reason of lag etc , I have an account in another avatar life and with the same camera settings I have no loss of control. Smooth sailing. It used to be the case for me in SL. I miss it. Can you help me ? Do I need to submit a ticket , not sure what that is . Thanks , will hope to hear good news soon , LexiTruth Resident 2/29/12
  2. LexiTruth


    Could someone give me the basic Preference Settings for Phoenix Viewer ? And how to improve the quality of my background rezz and quality??
  3. LexiTruth

    Feet .

    Please tell me how to get my feet to stand on top of the ground , floor etc . They are sunk just below my ankle ?? TY :)
  4. The red , blue and green arrows for editing have disappeared from my screen . How ? to find and or retrieve them ? They are not visible in any camera setting or direction . Not any .
  5. Hi : ) The selection direction arrows in editing mode are in the sky above me and out of reach with any of my attempts to return them to earth failed . Any solutions ? Regardles of how I move the viewer screen with camera there is no difference so objects go in the ground , air or far away . Editing clothes is not even an option at this time also . ty Lexi
  6. LexiTruth

    Display Name

    Hi Venus , ty for your answer. I have had the Display name for several weeks now. I also have been unable to access the Cloud Cover option in Environment manager since I set new WindLight for new skin . Any other info you have would be appreciated . : ) It's just really odd ya know . Everything else checks out fine . Do you know of some reason that LL or Phoenix would deny access ??
  7. LexiTruth

    Display Name

    I noticed I have lost my Display name when I logged in . All my preference settings are accurate , yet I am unable to access the Display page from the View menu . The* word* Display is faded and unaccessible. Any insight ? Wednesday ,Sept 7 , 2011 @ 4:48 EST ty , Lexi PS I have also lost my friends list !
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