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  1. I meant banned from second life. Thanks for the advice. :3
  2. Thanks for your advice. I appreciate it. :robotvery-happy:
  3. Thanks. I'm not sure what you mean by linden traps ... but I still appreciate it. :3
  4. Well ... I think my employer might be just an average landowner in SL ... not sure.
  5. I hope she at least shows LL the full IM, because at least I provided some reason as to why I was angry and cursing.
  6. How long does a ban last? I'd like to at least be able to keep adding rent money to my little box near my house.
  7. I know people can be cruel, but I was rude when I was angry. I actually cursed at her, even called her the B word. I did say I wouldn't bother her anymore, though.
  8. I was confused about something with an employer in Second Life, and I asked about it. She got angry with me for being confused, and fired me. I was angry enough to send her a long IM explaining why I was upset, and I even cursed at her. She said she would report me to Linden Labs. Is it likely that I will be banned or something worse?
  9. I uninstalled my viewer a second time and downloaded the BETA version. So far, it is working, but I will keep posting here for updates if it flops on me.
  10. I uninstalled my viewer and reinstalled again. I'm still having the same problem.
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