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  1. ok is there a MOD who can close this topic please? I was just asking a question, and never expected 100s of comments from everyone... i think its enough.
  2. Sephina Frostbite wrote: I wonder if you started this thread just to stir up people. You've only posted once since your post and never explained yourself further. Neither here nor there but I am wonder what your thoughts are after all these posting if you actually read them. I would be nice to know how long it took you took banned people and what reason if this indeed was not a troll topic. A further explanation would be nice. Thanks for all your answers. Well, i don't sit at the computer 24/7 and watch how fast people reply to my post lol... I am surprised there are so many responses. Well, it usually takes me a long time until i really block someone. I blocked my ex partner too before, because he bullied me. And after that i got more spam emails than before, and he also bullied me on FB. So i simply deleted my FB too. No, i dont want to stir up people. I was just asking here because i didn't know where else to ask. Yeah, maybe i am a little selfish too sometimes... But sometimes there are situations where i think that "Blocking" is not enough to make them pay. Or is it just me? I dont know... Oh well, life goes on, right?
  3. youngme Loxely wrote: You are selfish person,that is why you have no control in your thinking and mind That was not my question. What did you smoke? can i have some?
  4. If someone isinsulting us, we simply block them and move on. I have like 20 people on my block list, and i won't unblock them either. But actually, blocking is not really a punishment. Sometimes i ask myself: Isn't there a way i can make them responsible for what they did? Or what if i block them and they want to apologize? In RL we would probably call the police, or maybe hit them in the face... but here in SL (or on FB or anywhere else) people simply press the Block button and move on. But... Why? Aren't those people interested in making others pay for what they did? Like i said, blocking is not really a punishment, and it doesn't hurt to be blocked.
  5. I know theres some people playing the opposite sex in SL. But does it normally matter to most people if they are playing the same sex as they are in RL? I mean, i could imagine dating someone of the opposite sex in SL even if they are same sex in SL... as long as they play their "Role" right. I normally keep SL and RL seperate, so shouldn't be a problem, right?
  6. Just wondering how many men/women are using SL? And how many of them are actually playing their real gender? And would they admit if they are opposite sex in RL? Just curious...
  7. I was having the same problem with V2. And sometimes i can't even find the pictures on my computer. I really dont understand why they did that. Imagine a photographer takes a picture of you, sends it to you (no transfer) and then you have a problem because you can't save it to your computer. Makes no sense to me. I prefer Firestorm too because you can just drag the texture from inventory. Thats much easier.
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