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  1. I cannot log in to second life using any viewer, It just keeps saying "logging in" and never actually logs in. I've tried emptying the cache in both my Firestorm viewer and Second Life viewer 2. I have deleted and re-installed the Second Live viewer 2, still doesn't work. My internet connection is perfectly fine, I've even restarted my computer and it still wont log in. :matte-motes-dont-cry: Please help!
  2. Can i re-order it? do i have to wait for the owner to send me another? what do i do D:
  3. i cant take off my avatars underwear. NO its not the "built in" nooby underwear. it's a clothing item i bought. it wont come off. i've tried alphas, i've tried replacing it, i've tried resetting default female avatar. nothing is working. what should i do :/
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