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  1. Have you tried logging in then out, then try to teleport while your avi is still loading?
  2. They do, but it cost 1,000 bucks which I do NOT have to dish out for a last name change. Plus an additional 500/year after that to keep the name. So... looks like I am stuck with this name. Also, it appears to be for NEW ACCOUNTS ONLY. That means that this does NOT apply to accounts already created... IMVU offers screen name / account name changes, and then once changed the old name gets released. It is also a lot cheaper. It typically costs 20-30 bucks for a name change token. And if the name was from a deleted account, it becomes a "premium." It costs 100,000+ credits, depending. Which is about 100 bucks if you buy the credits from IMVU directly. A lot less than what SL offers. And mind you, the name change is USED TO CHANGE THE SCREEN NAME ON AN ACTIVE ACCOUNT. This does NOT apply for new usernames/avatars. I wish ONE DAY Linden Labs would incorporate the ability to change user accounts. And then release them back to the public much like IMVU does.
  3. I think the answer has already been answered. But you can also check the marketplace for tons of avatar looks and appearances. Also check for tutorials on the site for how to change your avatar appearance. Here is the link to the marketplace: http://marketplace.secondlife.com
  4. I made my account back in 2008. I was FORCED to select a random last name, and the first name I wanted was taken, so now i am stuck with this retarded name forever.. I contacted SL over the phone, and they even said "I am sorry we do not change account names unless it is offensive." REALLY, now... if they want to keep us around, why do they refuse to let us change the avatar name? I am thinking of making an account that has an offensive name, then maybe they will allow me to change it for my other (main) account.... No... instead as a "work-around" they have the ghey display name system, but I STILL get people calling me "Cristal" or "ms. Chesnokov..." I HATE IT D: Pisses me off, really..
  5. My account has been hacked/tampered with. My username is not what I initially created, what can I do? I want to change it from Cristal Chesnokov, which is NOT what I created it under initially, to Crystal Snow. :( Is there anything I can do? I am certainly NOT russian and do not want a russian or whatever username. D: And I have too much under the account already. UPDATE: I contacted support at their 800 number. They are NOT GOING TO HELP ME. They said "well the name is similar to your real life name since it is Cristal... and you probably created it and forgot." So they are NOT going to help me D: "We only change the account name if it is offensive or etc." :matte-motes-confused: Also, in response to the question: If you forget your login info. (password or even username), you can submit a request via your e-mail by typing in your e-mail address and answering the security question. They will then e-mail you the login info (ALL OF IT), including the account username and instructions to CHANGE your password. I was not able to log in, and this is when I found out this info. out.
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