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  1. I'm trying to make a HUD for a SL based game I'm making, the problem I came across is, how would I go about making different damage types for a object? I'm trying to make 3 objects, a reaper, flame, and bandages, each respectively doing 100, 10, and, -100 damage, although from the script I have atm, I'm wondering if using llCollision is really the way. integer energy; default { state_entry() { energy=100; llSetText((string)energy,<0,1,0>,1); } collision_start(integer x) { if(energy>0) { llCollisionFilter("pet",NULL_KEY,TRUE); llSetText((string)energy,<0,1,0>,1); energy = energy-10; llSleep(1.0); } else { llSetText("Game Over!",<1,1,0>,1); llSleep(4.0); llResetScript(); } } } Studying some game objects from other sims, they all have scripts in each pickupable item, so I'm assuming they each have a string in them triggering the removal/increase of health in the HUD via a message when they are touched, I'm racking my brain trying to figure out, how will I get that to work. so i have 2 possible methods the collision filter method (which might not be possible according to some posts Ive seen) and a object communicating with the HUD I rarely ever ask for help, but ths has been bugging me for the longest time now
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