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  1. Onee moree thiing is I waant too go too hiigh school preferably WiillowDaale Hiigh !
  2. Heey ! My naame is Adriennee and imm loooking foree thee dreaam paarents thaat Treaat mee my agee. I waant yoou too knoow thaat imm 17, and mixeed. I waant paarents whoo Will lovee mee. I waant respeect and broothers and siisters. Imm loooking foree a room alsoo. I waant timee to speend wiith Frieends too. I waant preferably booth a moom and daad buut I don't miind if its juust a moom. If interesteed or waant moree detaails aboout mee Seend a notecaard plz.
  3. Wat do you wannt a daughter , her age , personality , and looks etc. Becuz im loooking for a parent or parents tooo. Plz reply
  4. I'm Adrienne ! im 17 and im just loooking for a good high school Ive been hearing of high schools in sl and Need good reviews on high schools u have or are going too now ! I just realli enjoy Playing a teen avi and I wanna further the rp by going to school Every day and I wanna pick a high school that is realistic.
  5. Hii ! Im Adrienne and I'm 17 years old I dont hav a fam. yet becuz im waiting Fore a twin Sis to find a fam togetha I will just explain how I look and My personality..im a brunettee most of The time but sometimez im blondee , And even a RedHead(depends on how I feel). Im have b-cup boobies just sooo u kno. Im curvy and have hazel green eyes. I have tanned skin. And have to ur Shoulders length hair..lol. My height Is like petite. My personality is nice , Caring , kind of stubborn, adaptable, And a good Sis. You will kno moree Once you kno mee. Im planning on going To high school. And doing cheerleading , And such. When I decide who to be my Sis I will give you my shape, link to my skin. If it interests you plz comment here and I will Contact you in-world and quiz u. :)
  6. Are u still looking for a teen avi because I'm looking for a family Also, im 17.
  7. Hi I'm in sl and im a teen avi I can be any age u want but I prefer being a junior in high school I was trying To find a good high school to go and Im also looking for the perfect human parents that are almost always Online and in rl in 19 and my avi is rather curvy sorta short and her race is mexican and italian she's also Switching between auburn,black,brown, and, blonde hair.(if you dont have a problem with it she is still trying to find her self like most teens).she is a really good girl with a twist and sorta rebellious for realism she will ask for aprovral so she wants a parent who will give good advice. She has a belly piercing she wears only sometimes only if he parents are okay with it. She wants to live in a rp family-friendly neighborhood where she can get lots of friends. Her Rp name is Adrienne tahja -------- (the blank is for the parents last name.) My sl name to contact from if your interested in a teen is adriennetahjagonzalez resident:).
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