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  1. Hey guys, I figured out that if I re-created my prims and start from scratch the positions work perfectly. Problem solved! Thanks anyway.
  2. For some reason my prim detected the end position fine but then later on it doesn't work anymore. Here is my code: integer on = TRUE; vector pos; vector startpos = <81.287,87.940,30.251>; vector endpos = <81.787,84.690,30.451>; key ToucherID; integer channel_dialog; integer listen_id; list choice = ["1V", "3V", "5V"]; string msg = "Please choose a voltage value for battery:"; default { state_entry() { llSetText("Touch to move voltage source",<0,1,0>,1); llListen(-20, "", "", "
  3. I would like to know how to make avatar move a prim by carrying it and place that prim on top of another prim. I would like to make a circuit board and have these prims (components) placed on the circuit board (another prim). Also how would I make the circuit board prim detect the location of the prim placed on top so that the avatar can get a message saying the prim (component - ie. resistor) is placed in the wrong part of the board? Thanks
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