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  1. It happpens from yesterday when i logged in at the same time with 2 different viewers on 2 different accounts, I crash only when i use Viewer 2, and i only get a message that says: " Darn,you been logged out,this region may be expiriecing troubles..." or something like that.... i don't know what to do...Oh and my sistem runs on Windows Vista...i didn't had troubles with Viewer 2 until now,oh except the thing that i keep crashing when i play gestures from my inventory too. Please help.... Many thanks! xD
  2. Hi,i have a problem and i don't know why i keep crashing everytime i use a gesture 0.o...i would be happy if someone could tell me what's the cause of the problem Many thanks! btw i have to say that i use Viewer 2,and i crash when i'm logged in and i use gestures
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