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  1. The vehicles are back, they now contain over ten scripts, Tanks cars turcks and buses attack users, drain resources, and are totally useless. With the poorly designed sim crossing if an AV were to get in one they would surely crash. This lady is griefing people that AR'd amd Linden rep TP here to the person that AR her in a unspeakable breach of promise in TOS saying they would never. Yet they did, they let her grief, finally something was done last year but the female that thinks her and her mole group own the roads and your land is back griefing full force and the Alias Linden that made said promise either dopes not exist, changed alias, or is hiding and if a company uses alias for business and makes deals I understand they are not supposed to just vanish. Linden has pets, This garbage lagging sims attacking people because they have no clue that they have sim crossings on top of each other and it would never work with an av sitting inside. They dropped Linden Railroad for this reason. She has a group with moles in it and that is clearly conflict of interest. And Linden yet again broke a promise. When one man had fruit that you could ride down the road and caused little lag with one script. Linden quickly snatched up the rezzor and said it was a no brainer. But this lady is allowed to attack, they TP her to you if you AR her, and together they chew your ass. And when one linden finally fines them and pays Linden Goodwill, he disappers and she launches tanks and more that now are trained to attack you and nothing is done. Say what you wish Linden you have already admitted that SL is a backstabbing liar site to two attorney generals while spewing lies via the US Postal service. Look it up, RICO
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