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  1. When is someone going too tell us people tht CANT GET ACCESS in HERE..Whats going on??? DONT TELL me SEND a ticket in,,cuz been there done tht..CALLED THEM...in fact..got a ROBOT.. I tell you something.... WILL never never buy Lindens from here again... never be a premium... 4 DAYS and counting....!!!!!!!!
  2. dukeblessed,,,, same here too,,,, cant get inS/L.. there is alot of ppl..this is happening too,,,just wanted let u know... i didnt do nothing wrong, i d like too know the answer to it,,too..
  3. hi Ninjawolf..... i been having same problem now 3 days .. alot of others too are having it..your NOT alone...im still waiting too here back from them..Send a ticket in. checked my emails already ,,,Nothing is there..
  4. People,, i called California,,, ITS WASTE of TIME!!!!!! ITS a robot,,, tells you send a support ticket in... I should BILL secondlife for phone call now.... this is my ALT im typing in her post...
  5. im gonna lose my land,,my house, all whats on the land??? my poor meeroo,, and my guy... i m NOT happy at all.
  6. me too???? I have same PROBLEM.... markjoe,, just keep on posting..im right behind you.... SECONDLIFE,,WE NEED HELP.... i ahve an ALT,,and same thing she cant log in..in fact shes posting too....
  7. markjoe,,, i cant believe this, it stinks.. i know i didnt do anything wrong,i didnt receive no emails saying i was banned either... i did check my email i use for this.. everyday i go looking first thing when turn on computer...then i log on too here.. Peggy..LL better find out what kind of MISTAKES there doing.. me too,, i have a friend who buys me Lindens,cuz i dont use any credit cards on computer. i DONT trust it..
  8. all they say is SEND a report,, yea right.... i haven t got any notice from them... only thing i have is the report notice i sent them.. id number..
  9. slonky bigboots,, have you got on yett??? or heard anything from s/l yet????? how long have u been going thru this????
  10. its going on now 3 days,,saying you cannot access secondlife from this computer..i know i haven't done anything,iam Not a kid..Plz. sort this out..been reading forums and answers been seeing others are having same problem... at least send me email tell me what going on... i havent got NO emails saying anything too me i donr something.. MY alt,,i have hasnt got any emails either been checking and checking. This is nuts...
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