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  1. Hi. I work for a land estate in SL, and I have been seeing some strange activities regarding this object.  Various avatars have come to our land wearing this object and stood there rotating and when i got near they would offer me this same object.  Has become such a nuisance that the moment I see them I ban them from the entire estate.  But I know that eventually the ban list will fill up and the really bad people can't be banned as a result.  Is there anyway that I could find out who has this thing going and how to put an end to it **without** accepting the offer and trying to see if I can find out the creator(if it isn't spoofed)

  2. I represent LUXORY Estates LTD.  We are a fast growing, well managed residential community, founded in July 2007, owned and managed by Vanity Bonetto.

    The purpose of Luxory is to provide an opportunity for all SecondLife™ Residents to own beautiful and protected land without headaches and to belong to a community. A premium account is not required.


    To view our selection of available parcels, visit us in-world @ LUXORY Estates LTD  


    We have a wide variety of lands available to meet every need, from 1/4 homestead parcels to various size full prim sim parcels with a variety of prim bonuses available.


    We can also custom order you a full sim with full manager rights that can be made available to you within 48 hours of your order, with a minimum deposit required that will be applied to your tiers when you take possession of the region.  IM Vanity Bonetto inworld for details.

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