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  1. Hi. I work for a land estate in SL, and I have been seeing some strange activities regarding this object. Various avatars have come to our land wearing this object and stood there rotating and when i got near they would offer me this same object. Has become such a nuisance that the moment I see them I ban them from the entire estate. But I know that eventually the ban list will fill up and the really bad people can't be banned as a result. Is there anyway that I could find out who has this thing going and how to put an end to it **without** accepting the offer and trying to see if I can fi
  2. I represent LUXORY Estates LTD. We are a fast growing, well managed residential community, founded in July 2007, owned and managed by Vanity Bonetto. The purpose of Luxory is to provide an opportunity for all SecondLife™ Residents to own beautiful and protected land without headaches and to belong to a community. A premium account is not required. To view our selection of available parcels, visit us in-world @ LUXORY Estates LTD We have a wide variety of lands available to meet every need, from 1/4 homestead parcels to various size full prim sim parcels with a variety of prim bonuses av
  3. where can I get the bone names and structure from? I know that I could look it up in the skeleton definition file, but xml is kind of difficult for me to determine structure from and sort out the names
  4. UPDATE for anyone that may be following still: 64 m prims are here as of this morning....
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