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  1. that is understood,but as I mentioned I can not receive the email because it is not correct ,this is why I need to talk with someone
  2. i am trying to to fix my email address that was entered incorrectly,i do not remember my password,i have filed several tickets to get help with this with no solution as of yet .i can't change email without password ,andi can't change password without the correct email .what can i do.someone please help
  3. i am having the same prom except it takes me to loading world then just logs out if u figure it out please help me out
  4. as of three weeks i have not been able to log into sl. i start to log in then it just goes to loading world then it goes str8 to crash log for some reason i have tried everything possible uninstalling completely the reinstalled no viewer works internet connecion i restarted my modem cleared cache everything nothing works and im really missing sl so whom can i speak with about this problem i've been on sl for two years and this is the first time this has happenedand it all started when sl updated itself HELP please
  5. m having the same problem havent been able to log in for 10 days now
  6. ive done that three times still nothing it starts to log me n then it just goes to crash log and logs me out ive uninstalled everything possible on my pc still nothing i give up
  7. i was getting on fine then viewer 2 updated and now i cant get on at all i've done all the reinstalling downloading other viewers restarting modem and restoring my pc still nothing i c the downloading line but it wont let me log in what else can i do
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