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  1. How do I install The Second Life Singularity viewer using Ubuntu Linux? Any information will help. Update: After the information I am still unable to install The Singularity Viewer on Ubuntu Linux. I have downloaded What I was linked. Umm.. Now do I need to install from terminal? Yes? No? How?
  2. Well today i have been having a **bleep** ton of problems.... But te best way to try to log is to clear your catche manually, Be sure you didn't change your password or Second Life may just be expeirencing problems at this current moment but if it continues and nothing works i would suggest contacting linden labs
  3. Now i'm having many problems with second life, First it was my jump wich was fixed now my camera angle is really **bleep**ed up.. Well i need some help because the way it's angled the view is stuck in the air and now i can't get it back to normal *NOTE* I have re-log twice
  4. Alright now for the past few days i haven't been able to Jump with the Page up key on my key board. I do second life wrestling here and i need to use climbers and etc.. and teh climbers only work if i am able to use the page up button, It's just bugging the **bleep** out of me
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