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  1. I recently fired a silly gun that shot small musical cubes in a friend's parcel on mainland. Apparently the prims have managed to somehow push past the parcel boundries and there are now 3+ prims that are spamming me with "Cannot move to" messages. Ive gone to the exact coordinate that the messages are coming from, and i cannot find the prims. Theyre temporary, and i fired the gun yesterday, so they seem to be glitched and wont dissappear, and because i cannot find them, they continue to spam me with messages even if im in other sims. Any help would be appreciated, because theyre in multiple parcels, and i cannot find the owners of each. Even though you gave good advice, its a box, about 1x1x1 and ive figured out its just one prim, and its somehow zipping about the sim at some sort of terminal velocity. Im fairly certain that i'll need someone of power over that entire region to return it, seeing how its impossible to track down with it being constantly moving. It being mainland, It would probably have to be a linden.
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