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  1. Basically I'm a roleplayer and I'm trying to recreate my character on my new alt. I have the shape and the hair but need the skin to completely replicate him. This is my character, with TheBodyCo Mint 03 skin
  2. Im looking for a free form rp , where you can immediately start roleplaying , doesnt matter the race , or the ability , for example my main sim is WOH , i play a wizard gryffindor prefect , now i am looking for a sim , i can go to with my hoggies avatar and start roleplaying , ive seen some sims like this before , im sure i have but i cant remember . help ??
  3. I brought a spell hud which has over 55 spells and i can cast the spells i see some of them but most i cant see the ones i cant see evrybody else sees as well as the ones i can. I use firestorm viewer and i really want to see those awesome effects. PLS help pls.
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