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  1. I have a daughter who is also in SL. Her husband passed away in 2010. He SL name was Greg Merryman and he was a builder in Babbage in SL. At the time he passed away, my daughter and he were separated with divorce pending. A builder and friend of Greg's by the name of Kandy Orabelle or Kandance Commons, who I believe is actually a male, built a lighthouse as a memorial to my son in law. It is called Merryman Memorial Lighthouse, and is located in Babbage. I am fine with the memorial. My concern is this...he/she took pictures from my son-in-laws Facebook page and posted the RL pictures in the SL Memorial. There is one picture of Greg and one of him and his minor daughter posted there. My point is...the memorial is ok, I am not asking that it be taken down...but any pictures should be SL pictures of Greg Merryman, and not his RL pictures. And, my minor granddaughter's picture should not be there at all. My daughter has asked that the photos be removed, but the builder, Mr/Ms Commons, blames her for Greg's death and will not talk to her at all. I am prepared to contact an attorney if necessary. Can you help?
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