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  1. The Obsidian Moon pack is a laid back group just starting out. We enjoy the pack group mentality of helping each other out. Small but looking to grow contact me in game if interested. Jasonn Mckeenan.
  2. I have recently started a werewolf group. I think you may be looking for a total RP experience where the group does formal RP chat etc. Thats not us to be up front. rather were people who appreciate and like the idea of a pack as a family supporting each other. Just 4 of us now and were very laid back, however if your interested i at least meeting people and just having a group to be werewolf around until you find a good RP group send me a message. SL name is Jasonn Mckeenan and the pack name is Obsidian moon.
  3. So I was wondering how many other werewolf groups are out there. Is there a place where more share ideas and or get the different clans together etc? While I have a group I have made mine isn't a strict RP style, but being a werewolf in a modern setting is kind of the idea. Anyway just looking to see what's out there. Jasonn Mckeenan
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