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  1. Thanks for the tips. Tried the selection window, tried releasing keys, tried looking for any weird animations or something coming from an object. Will try the land rights move to see what happens. Thanks!
  2. No, no RLV restrictions, no cage, used ctrl-alt-T to see if there was anything transparent. Nothing that I can see except some weird sim behavior.
  3. I have a very, very odd problem... the other night I was in a sim that had very high lag, and since then my avatar has been "stuck" while in that sim. It's almost like, on that sim only, that I'm in a 1 m^3 invisible prim and can't get out. I can be teleported on the sim by others where I am subject to the same problem where I land, and I can prim-sit wherever I'd like... but when I stand up, I can't walk more than 1m in any direction. Jumping is also restricted. If teleported into the air, I do not fall more than 1 meter, I'm stuck suspended and not even flying. I've tried different viewers, including the official viewer 2... I've tried another computer, to no avail. I've tried resetting my avatar to the test avatar so that I know it's nothing I'm wearing. The estate owner has restarted the sim, but the behavior still remains. No other sims do this to me, I can teleport at will and in other sims I can walk around just fine. I've filed a support request, but I've heard horror stories about the time to respond. Any clues in the meantime?
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