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  1. Tableau Vivant had one with tight curls close to the scalp as a gacha some time back. Might be worth checking out!
  2. Also, check basic shaders are checked on in the graphics tab of preferences too.
  3. This looks very much as if you haven't got 'basic shaders' checked to me. If I uncheck it my side, my maitreya lara looks very similar to your image. I don't know about other viewers, but to find that setting in Firestorm go to Avatar, preferences, graphics, general and its on the check list to the left. Hope this helps!
  4. Cammy, I don't know if there's anything to it, but I just looked at your products and my first response was 'Oh these are nice!' followed by 'but they won't work for Maitreya'. Looking at your timescale, is it possible that the drop was about the time Maitreya came out, and perhaps, since, many potential customers are lured to sellers that cater for that body too? Just a thought. *favourites one to keep an eye out in case you DO indeed add Maitreya*
  5. I'm a little confused, as Bay City is not snowlands, but if it is Bay City you want, you might do well to look out Tower Rental. They have a good portfolio of Bay City rentals.
  6. Echoing Marianne's comments, I too am happily wearing a Maitreya body and a TMP Classic head, with a Deetalez skin. Works really well.
  7. It appears from the pics, that this mod kit is intended for the BG CAT avatar, not the Lupus that you've purchased. :matte-motes-crying:
  8. I picked up a copy of this Avatar 2.0 yesterday, out of curiosity, and it has a hud to hide parts for dressing, with two levels, one with less, larger areas, and the other more refined. It should be in the folder with the body etc iirc.
  9. You could try Scarlet Creative. She has several builds that might fit that description, mesh, all white etc. I don't have links or slurls but she should come up fairly easily in search or on marketplace.
  10. Good suggestion. However, to me, it's not ingratitude at the lack of magnitude of the 10LL offering, but more the lack of any feeling that went into it. If my special someone (if I had one:catfrustrated:) handed me a brown envelope with a 10p piece in it and said 'Happy Valentines' I think I'd feel crestfallen, and justifiably so.
  11. We're quite decided that the 10LL is the gift, not a pre-cursor to it? If it is, then I too am disappointed. So much to romance! I know not to hold my breath in anticipation of gifts from LL, but 10LL is really scraping the lowest depths of the imagination barrel.
  12. I've tried to purchase lindens today, both inworld and via the website. The purchase is accepted but fails to deliver. Is there a known issue currently? Edit: Thanks valerie. I still don't see that message on the webpage, but it's good to know it's there somewhere. Going on past experience, it's very possible that once things are fixed, that the purchases made during the outtage will go through, so bear it in mind before you try and hit your card for more. :)
  13. I'll be the third. Im sure there are many more. I phoned the UK number and was told to file a ticket. I still have this beside each attempt on my account history some hours on ' LindeX Currency Buy Transaction in Progress´╗┐' Editing to add... Paypal tells me the several transactions were succesful and that LL have been paid.
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