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  1. Oh, yeah. I built the hangout at a Skybox, the cluster of residents are Land related. Anything outside of the Galaxy-Bubble is unrelated to my build
  2.  No crime involved just photos. If that is criminal however, Thug Life. I am looking to potentially do some photography or even Machinima with anyone interested. Pretty much any theme or genre is on the table but a few probably aren't my area of expertise. (I don't make Furry avs) If you would like to know more about the work I'm interested in teaming up to produce, I have some demos prepared in the form of Tumblr photo albums. Fear not, no brooding blogs or rhemedial reposts, just SL photographyof average quality. My PC sucks :smileyfrustrated: http://sexiestastronaut.tumblr.com http://insearchofgemini.tumblr.com http://fromthewarp.tumblr.com
  3. Be sure to include your SL URL so we can find it ;] Like this http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle%20of%20Tears/164/202/3717
  4. Just throwing my Science Fiction styled social hangout at the community again because I forgot to leave the SL Url last time ^_^. Come see for yourself. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle%20of%20Tears/164/202/3717 And follow me on Tumblr? Sure. http://insearchofgemini.tumblr.com/
  5. I dont know how to do that =[ buuuut you can IM my name in world. So far everyone has done that and it has worked fine for them and you can enjoy my build
  6. Hi, I don;t normally get involved with forums for obvious reasons but I thought I'd introduce myself and my activities on second life. I'm a fan of many genres but sci-fi the most and SecondLife is a rich platform for scifi dreamscapes. Ive gotta be honest I feel the anxiety kickin' in and I've written myself into a dead end. OMG the CIA is in my brain. I mean, I'd like to invite everyone to my home which is open to the public as a Hangout for meeting other users and playing with the furniture I've detailed my Space-Pod with. For now the build is very small but once you see it you will see that on SecondLife less is more, weighing in at less than 200 prims. You can probably imagine the real estate agent was pretty disappointed by the rental but I'm sure you'll enjoy what I did with it. My only advice is to set the Windlight to Midnight to enjoy the full effect of every glow and hologram on board my intergalactic skybox. Hope to see some new faces anxious for adventure. OH SNAP, forgot, I even host the In-World art gallery for my own real world artwork. Not that I'm hoping to make any sales, but having visitors come and pick my work apart is a hell of a good time. http://s3cf.recapguide.com/img/tv/138/1x8/Rick-and-Morty-Season-1-Episode-8-26-0acb.jpg
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