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  1. Anyone have any suggestions for resolving, or possible causes for an Avatar that's stuck in activation? I've tried all day, on several different computers/laptops - and still nada. How can I unstuck and progess to completion, so I can create an avatar and use it? Thank you.
  2. Ahhhh ty for clearing that up for me, and i'll be certain to check it out again. Appreciate your assistance.
  3. That is precisily my quandry, Qwalyphi and if I've erred in coming here (to this thread), then please direct me to the appropriate venue. Though since I already have a script that functions MOSTLY as I'd like; that I just needed to figure out how to tweak it into perfection. I thought perhaps someone HERE might possess the skill I lack, and could answer what i'd PRESUMED would be an easy resolution. Like some closed end command, or avatar recognition text... Just to finish off the process cleanly. But I'm grasping at straws perhaps... I just hate being so close, but yet so far. Yanno? =] And Rolig, I thought this was the Scripting Thread, not the library? So I thought this was the place to discuss all things scripting - even problem resolution? Am I mistaken? =/
  4. Ooook, that sounds like what I need, but I lack the scripting skills to formulate that into a functioning LSL. So specifics would be GREATLY appreciated. I checked the wiki link you provided, but if i'm interpretting it correctly, it "gives" everything in the inventory, and I don't want that - just the items specified by the folder. But I agree, something that would allow the script to recognize that it's already provided the aforementioned contents to a certain avatar, and thus to desist from resending, is precisiely what I'm looking for. So ty too...
  5. I understand what you mean, and in essence you are correct. Its not the actual FOLDER being dispensed, but the contents of a specified folder. But I've tested that part, and the items in the folder that I've placed within the board are functioning as designed. My problem is that a new batch is given upon every click. So with 10 clicks, they get 1 packet, with 9 duplicates. Thank you though, as you helped me to clarify my issue. =]
  6. G'day all! I've recently installed a single board vendor system that allows a prospective viewer to click to preview the available samples to consider when placing their order. My problem is that I'd like to include a script that would dispense a SINGLE folder, as to the one I'm currently using which dispenses one with every click... Can someone either provide an appropriate script, or post the line(s) I'd need to add in order to mod my exisiting one- so IT would only dispense once per each avatar? Thank you muchly! =]
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