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  1. Thanks! I figured it out... Since I'm using Adobe Audition rather than Audacity, there was a check box I unchecked that attached extra file info. and I think that was the setback. Thanks to all who responded!
  2. Thank you. There are several kinds of wav file formats to choose from. Grrr. All sounds are under 10 sec. I can send you a file if you'd like to analyze it.
  3. I've converted sound clips to WAV format, 16 bit and 44.1hrtz... Trying to upload and keep getting error msg WONG CHUNK SIZE IN WAV FILE. What am I doing wrong? Using Adobe Audition to edit sounds. Tried uploading in SL viewer and Phoenix. Same issues. Thanks for any help.
  4. Yesterday I was attempting to upload sounds for gestures. Wav files, 66 bit, 44.1 hrtz - and under 10 seconds. Using Phoenix viewer, and kept getting an error msg that made little sense. What am I not doing? I can upload pics just fine. I am loading one at a time. Thanks.
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