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  1. And as far as cache goes.. cleaned.. thats not the issue here.
  2. Yeah.. I would think thats its a driver issue too.. especially when I look in the AMD Vision Engine Control Center and see that while I am getting this horrid lag and non loading textures the card is not even being utilized at all.. or very little.. however my processor usage is pretty high. Baffling.. I am using the newest drivers from AMD/ATIs site. Is this a problem that others are having too.? Should I revert to an older driver.? Anyone know what one.?
  3. Looking for some help. Up until a couple of days ago I was running a Radeon 5850 HD on my system and I upgraded to a faster 6950HD model with more memory, faster clock, etc. I also put an SSD drive in my system in hopes of some better performance, which I definitely got from everything except Second Life. For some reason, the game on a 6950HD with the newest drivers performance just bites. I have tried several viewers including the SL and both of the Phoenix viewers, and with all the lag is unbearable.. it seems to be mostly in the texture loading. Some textures never load period, even profiles load way slower than before.. bunch of gray people no matter whether it is a busy sim or not. I have played with alot of the common settings but no luck. I can cam around great.. its just this texture load that is getting me. Does anyone have any experience with this? I was pretty happy with the performance of the old card in SL.. just doesnt make much sense at all.. Thanks for any help.. troubleshooting tips, etc.
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