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  1. Today, I have encountered a problem that I have never seen before. I can't get online and tp anywhere whithout being booted, my conmmunicator does not show any friends' names, but does show online status, and the group list is empty. People who know me say I am showing as online even when I am not online. How can that be? I have sl commitments that I cannot take care of so long as this problem persists. I need help quickly
  2. On July 16, I upgraded to premium membership, but I have NEVER received my Liinden House. I started a question on this issue on Sunday, got 2 "Answers" that were not helpful or responsive, and I still do not have my free Liinden House. When I upgraded, I answered questions about this house. I chose a cummunity [Aspen} and a house style, [Birchwood} and I named my house [Birchwood Fairy] all in response to your quesitons. l Then the registration process moved to payment for the year, which I made by credit card. I received by first weekly stipend on Tuesday as promised. I am showing as a premium member in the system. But still no house!!!! When I choose "World" and then "My Land" in the SL program, I get a window titled "My Land" that shows nothing for me. At the bottom of this window it says, "Allowed land holdings at current payment play: 512 sq. meters" It also say, "Current land holdings: 0 sq. meters" It also says "Available for land purchases: 512 Sq. Meters" This say s to me that you agree that you owe me this property, but where the heck is it? Can someone please get this done for me. Lolene Quicksand
  3. Thank you bee and Valerie for your responses. I understand about the $1000L bonus and the $300L stipend [weekly], but I am still having trouble with this linden house deal. I have not received an email with the landmark etc and when I go to my dashboard and select land manager and my mainland, nothing shows up there. However, in the sl program, I select "World" and "My Land" and while nothing shows up there either, at the bottom of that window there is a notation that says, "Allowed land holdings at current payment plan: 512 sq meters" and Current land holdings: 0 sq meters." and "Available for land purchases: 512 sq meters" When I upgraded my membership to premium on Saturday, I was asked to select a region, and a house style, and name the house, which I did. Then the process moved on the the payment process. I need to get this resolved. Thanks
  4. I just upgraded to Premium membership, annual, via credit card. I can't find my Linden Home that I set up during the registration process. I also have not received my $1000L signing bonus. 1. How do I locate my LInden Home? 2. When will I get the $1000L signup bonus? 3. When will the $300L weekly stipends begin? Thanks
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