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  1. Is there any way to get better resolution when I take a snapshot? I can use photoshop if I have to, but I hope its easier then that
  2. How do I move jpgs from my computer into SL viewer Texture folder?
  3. I found one called Float Text Script by dreamwalker, It works great if you are happy with white,it does different colors, but you need to put it into numeric codes
  4. I often see "hoovering labels" such as "touch for landmark" or "touch for notecard" I'd like to find the software on SL marketplace that makes these labels but i don't know what keywords to use.
  5. Oh I found a lot of them on the marketplace website, thanks for the help everyone
  6. I have tried all kinds of things with that notecard giver but it still gives the notecard called Darcy no matter what. Is there any other types of notecard givers available, I would rather pay more for one that is easier to use
  7. Its not working for me, It should give me the touch option but it doesn't, also, The profile gives me no indication that the notecard has in fact been attached, I'm also wondering how to create some floating lettering so people will know to touch it for a notecard
  8. What is the trick to producing a prim that can be sat on, is it somewhere in the builders menu?
  9. Wow thanks I didn't realize that it was that easy
  10. The problem is that you need a blank notecard before you can paste something into it I think you just answered my need for the second type of software, I'll see how that works
  11. I don't really know what category this falls into. I am looking for two types of software. One that converts MS Word and PDF into a Notecard Document. The other is software that would be able to attach a notecard to a prim, and also attach a mini program that would allow someone to click on it and get a drop down menu with a "Touch" option. If you know please give me the name that I should use with a search engine.
  12. There must be some kind of notecard with some tricks for speeding up the process of changing from one SET of clothing to a different SET of clothing., if there aren't any notecards for this process, has any one found any ways to do it quicker and less labor intensive?
  13. One thing that does disappoint me with SL is that my avatar has no eye contact with someone when he/she is talking to me, are there any animations that can do this?
  14. I seen one set of clothes that I really like, the problem is all the other clothing in the store has a price and can be bought. But not this one. I'm sure it is also for sell but its script isn't working. Is there a way to contact the vender to ask about it?
  15. What does the speech gestures do?, Can you record your own voice, if you can maybe you can refer me where to go to learn how.
  16. The gestures on the tab are in alphabetical order which is very inconveinent because 6 of them I use extremely frequently, but it still takes time to scroll down and find the right one, by then it is already out of time with the situation. I would like to list them on the tab according to frequency, how do I do that?
  17. Well to be honest, I don't really understand this process , but I will explain how I understand it. If it is a size problem, I don't think you can modify the prims to make it bigger or smaller, but the creator can. The other problem could that the prims don't have the right x,y,z coordinates. This is where you would use your building skills to move it to the right coordinates
  18. I think I can see the difference between Scripting and animation , animation is body movement, and scripting is creating notecards and links. Thanks everyone for the info, it has been very helpful
  19. Can you please translate this error message into English so I can understand Script trying to take controls from owner but PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS permission not set!
  20. OK this is just so weird ,The detach doesn’t work, so i am just constantly wearing this HUD, the script doesn’t work. It It is Wishmaster 1.2, Whats more I have been receiving hundreds of updates to wishmaster 1.5. they rez and are sucessfull I just can’t find the new Wishmaster 1.5 . It was working before, can I refuse to accept updates?
  21. So far my experience with SL is that none my scripts work while I'm sitting. So I can drink my coffee while I'm standing, but if I'm sitting , I'm literally pouring my coffee all over my shirt. I do i find specific scripts that are specifically designed to work while I'm sitting?
  22. I hope this thread is able to continue as an interesting brainstorming thread. I starting to get how using scripts go a long way to replicate the table-game process. I don't see myself as ever going back to the RPG table-version,because I have such a limited ability to actually visualize things. This is just a list of considerations to keep from losing any of the quality of experience in an RPG. The Shadow Both D&D and White Wolf have a similar description. It is a blurry version of what is real (in-life) in this case. This is easy in SL , just script the area to have globs moving around that are accurate and the rest fuzzy, blurry moving slightly like water. Of course you would add lots of spirits to this area. The Astral Realms get tricky The Astral Realms of D&D would get pretty labor intensive, but absolutely mind blowing. White Wolf sees the Astral Realms is actually easy in SL. White Wolf sees the astral Realms as a personal journey in to one's on subconscious, there is the basic structure to it like the Midnight Train, the sequential system of gateways, but in actuality, each player just land marks a set of places in SL that best represents each subrealm. There doesn't seem to be a system of earning experience points and gaining levels in SL. you can start right off buying the best spells and instantly be an Archmage. Buy the best sword there is with the best scripts, and you instantly become an Epoch Warrior. I actually have a lot more to talk about , but I'm not going to continue unless someone shows some interest in it.
  23. problem solved I figured it out I was suppose to drag the box
  24. I found the box by adding it to the HUD(I have no idea what this means) it can go to any part of the screen, but The box isn't act ing like a prime, so I can't just go walk up to it. My understanding is that inside the box is all the magic spells I bought, but I have no way to open it, what should I do next?
  25. The problem is once i detach the box its gone, then there just isn't any box to open
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