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  1. Thats right, as I'd already paid for it I didnt expect that. I have contacted the vendor, no reply as yet (offline) Doesnt feel right, especially with the orange pop up.
  2. Hi, I've never had this before and would appreciate suggestions. I just bought an item from Marketplace, paid and recieved the box. On opening and wearing the item an orange pop up asked me to pay the seller (requested money - no amount mentioned) with 'accept money request' or 'deny'. Has anyone else experienced this? I never saw an orange pop-up before but have been warned about different coloured pop ups. What should I do? The package, because it freaked me a bit, is currently in my trash. Grateful for any replies received.
  3. Thanks Peewee, the answers here have helped ..
  4. THIS reply gets my attention and makes sense .. last night wasnt the only time bad stuff happened, a few odd things happened when I first joined SL .. I dont completely understand but understand a lot better now I got some info that isnt basically telling me it didnt happen to others/cant happen so it isnt happening at all lol. Aswell as info for myself hopefully everyone else knows now what is happening there .. there are some things happened I didnt add here as it would be very inappropriate but concerned you ought to be .. it was absolutely WILD .. My concern is that newcomers go there. Thanks to all replies, very helpful
  5. How could they kick me off I dont know, it happened each time I went back with a pasted statement ' If you dont want this to happen again go to this website or it will happen again and again' and i landed in some water each time.. just saying what happened. I didnt get a chance to mute anyone. Thanks for the replies
  6. Well, I thought the mounting individual personal security issues I've been having were enough so I went back to orientation island to talk to someone/anyone who doesnt answer either in riddles (I'm new, I dont understand a lot of what others may already know) or doesnt just ignore with a laugh! I arrive there to 'UGH UGLY' and 'KIck her out' and other abuses I wont mention here .. er is this some test lol? I'm told to go to a website to learn how to protect myself? but it wasnt done in the friendly of manners using the most helpful language ..and I was booted off the island twice I know I'm supposed to get some message from this all, but struggling to see what it is .. I go to 'school' to learn more things and am ignored by a lecturer when I merely say hello. I'm a lecturer in real life and would never ignore a student I'm an inch from leaving second life, I thought second life was what you made it, and your reasons for being here were entirely up to the user? I bought land and thought I'd be safer in a peaceful community but am constantly bombarded by 'visitors' who dont talk, just stare or laugh or comment on why I've bought land where I have as if I'm not allowed to, but they dont actually say. So Orientation Island Public is a kicking arena now? Or did i stumble upon something that doesnt usually occur there, I'm worried for very new second lifer members aswell as me. Have I missed something? or should I just go
  7. I'm not sure what this is, but there is an object (looks like a square flat box only appears when land is rezzing) and the owner has not replied to me what it is. It disappears when the land rezzes so I assume its below my land, tried to lower the land and couldnt see anything. Anyone any ideas? what should I do? I cannot 'edit' it
  8. Hi, can someone tell me where premium membership fees and land rent fees come from each month? Is it from my Ls in SL or from my Paypal? Thanks
  9. Yes Erwin, sorry, it was just that I hadnt done it before, so my friend showed me and since then I've done it myself .. also started lots of classes. It wasnt an issue other than that of inexperience .. so thanks again to all the replies
  10. Learning by mistakes appears to be my experience lol. I researched how to place a house in the sky, set z parameter to 1000m with the help of other answers. I am temporarily on a netbook that doesnt do pg up so I went up in sky platform to 1000m and I cant see my house. Its only 28 prims but valuable prims, and I dont want to leave it up there obviously .. can anyone assist me? Would be very grateful for replies.
  11. thanks so much for all these replies, much appreciated. I also had help in SL and it is ok now cheers! I'm learning a lot
  12. Hi, I just bought some land. A) I bought a house, why can't I place the house on it? B) On the map it still shows as abandoned land but in 'about land' it shows me as owner C) I just went premium membership to buy it .. (please bear with me I'm very new lol) So I pay my membership per month on the 12th? And what is the payment I pay for the land? Is this a tier payment? Thanks for any reply (also if you could direct me to a learning place on how to level the land or how to place a megaprim for my house I would be very grateful :)
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