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  1. I provide healing worlds for incurable diseases and need 1/2 full private region to showcase services. If your service is along similar lines we can combine into one region. Let me know if interested in sharing costs. We're a nonprofit and cannot afford paying 6 months of tier fees upfront~! Director VirtualTowns support@VRhealingworlds.org
  2. Not quite sure what you meant by you don't do re-sell? Did you mean you do not make content that is to be resold? Thanks DirectorVirtualTowns
  3. Send any extras my way please ;-) Thanks!
  4. Hi Happy - I sent you a regular friend invite last week. We're looking for mesh builders and designers and have a ton of work to be done! Contact me on Skype please at VWS.CEO Thanks!
  5. Hi Tabletop ;-) Long time SL'er here also in desparate need of a ton of mesh conent!!! Anything and everything. Have great for real opportunity. Former occupation was Senior Business Management Consultant and now applying that knowledge to help all these small biz owners without the travel! Please contact me at skype: VWS.CEO Thanks! DirectorVirtualTowns
  6. Full private island region - 20,000 prims. Intentionally adjacent to one side of the most popular virtual magazine's region in SL's - BOSL, Best of Second Life with over 2 million circulation! Ms. & Mr Virtual World competition takes place on your one neighbor's region of NYC including Central Park. Region for sale comes with huge indoor empty mall, large B&B, and versatile event structure if requested. Willing to split region for the right neighbor. No nightclubs please. $100 USD plus transfer fee. Direct message DirectorVirtualtowns or email director@sponsoravet.life Location: Sponsor a Vet (149, 144, 23)
  7. We'd like to purchase your region. Please contact asap. thanks!
  8. We're going to be representing multiple vendors in world that will represent real world products. Does anyone know of a software system that will sync with SL and RL? Hate the though of all that duplicate entries. Thanks in advance, DirectorVirtualTowns
  9. I had to abandon 2 regions several years ago. If you are flexible with the sales price, let's talk. thanks, director@virtual-towns.com
  10. We're interested but we can't afford $500. We have two businesses and one is a non profit. If you are negotiable, please email: director@virtual-towns.com Thanks!
  11. Afternoon, Is your sim still for sale? If so, let's talk please. Best regards, Ilene DirectorVirtualTowns director@virtual-towns.com
  12. Hi Kristaki, We're interested in purchasing your full sim. One is the total monthly price you pay SL please. thanks! DirectorVirtualTowns Email: director@virtual-towns.com
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