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  1. I created a diolog menu for an object I made. I am trying to make it so, when i hit something, it takes a part of the object and just that prim (even thoguh its linked) only changes the alpha of that prim... and when I press another prim, it makes the alpha go back to the way it was on that same prim.. How do I do this? Thanks!
  2. How do u create a dialog menu script , started by touching that lets u click buttons that trigger phrases or animations (sculptie animations) or sounds? Help a beginner out.
  3. whoah my skateboard isnt stupid . Skateboarding is the one thing I actually get to enjoy without anybody bothering me. sigh well thats a different story. anwyays. Yeah thanks everyone for the advice, Im starting RL job in a couple weeks I guess ill just invest in that instead of SL. and no. i dont have another 200 bucks, and i wont give back my beloved skateboard that means a lot to me <3 >.> *hugs skateboard..*
  4. meant skateboarding but that sounds pretty awesome too. RL or SL
  5. So I know how to use the maps..i know what to do...i know how to make wrinkles and whatever...but it still looks noobish when I finally put it on my avatar.... -_- it looks great on GIMP ...then its on my avatar and looks like blah. Are there any classes on SL that dont go through all the basics but actually teach how to make quality clothing? or any people that can give me advice. *sigh*
  6. looking for some skater friends. I skate in RL and SL. I like to skate at some SL skateparks but they are always abandoned and lonely (unlike RL) anybodeh <3
  7. not 14 in RL. (rl im 20 lolz) but yeah. i guess i could do something like that in SL *sigh* THANKS for suggestions im reading them now >.> if u have any more plz post
  8. I owe somebody in RL about 200 bucks. Soooo since ...in RL im a broke college student making their way through babysitting...and I just bought a skateboard that cost me yeah well...it made me broke. So no RL job.....until a few weeks from now.....soo.. how can i make about 50k in SL? (doesnt have to be right away...but just...how..without pole dancing or selling my sole to the devil or being a prostitute)
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